Serviced Apartments in Times of Crisis


The Unexpected Niche

Serviced apartments are commonly the top choice in business circles for accommodation when on extended stays because, in the long-term, they are more cost-effective than hotels. They are also becoming popular among leisure travelers who wish to stay for more than a week because, aside from the cost savings, they also offer guests more freedom and privacy than hotels. Many people think that serviced apartments only cater to these two niche markets. However, serviced apartments also cater to an unexpected niche market - one that does not necessarily involve business or pleasure, but involves people needing temporary accommodation in times of crisis or emergencies.

The Time of Crisis Guest

People who are away from home for due to an emergency – be it for medical reasons, because of a natural disaster, or because of a personal crisis – still need a roof over their heads. In these times of crises, people need a place that they can temporarily call home. Staying in a serviced apartment ensures that these unexpected guests have one less thing to worry about during a very critical period in their lives. These unexpected visitors can be divided into three categories:

1. The Medical Guest – Serviced apartments are the perfect choice of accommodation for people due to undergo medical treatment or therapy in a different state, city or country. Operations, medical treatments and therapies often require a person to stay away from home for weeks or even months. A serviced apartment offers a private and comfortable home from home environment where the patient can relax and recuperate after treatment. Staying in a serviced apartment also means that the patient can have their family staying with them. With medical tourism booming in many European and Asian countries, it is no coincidence that serviced apartments operators are setting up serviced apartment complexes near hospitals to cater for guest undergoing medical treatment.

2. The Displaced Guest – People displaced by flooding, earthquakes, fire and other forms of disaster are another type of guest who can benefit from staying in serviced apartments. In these instances, serviced apartments are a better choice than hotels as apartments enable families and groups to stay together in times when having those you love nearby is of utmost importance. Insurance companies often refer displaced people to serviced apartments instead of hotels because they offer a more home-like environment, and are also more cost effective for longer term stays.

3. The Personal Crisis Guest – Those experiencing a personal crisis can benefit from staying in a serviced apartment. For example, for someone going through a divorce, a serviced apartment is a good choice of accommodation. Not only will renting a serviced apartment enable them to have their children to stay if they have them, but it will also enable them to maintain a sense of normality during a difficult period by offering home-like surroundings where they have the facilities to entertain guests or simply hang out with friends in a private environment.

Serviced apartments don't only cater to the business traveler or the leisure traveler. People in times of crisis can also benefit from the service and the amenities that a warm, private and inviting serviced apartment offers.

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